You with your smell of yeast, of self-raising flour, of new baby scalp, of four-day pyjamas, of fingernail gunge, of spermy exhales, of my guileless cunt, of red wire chin forest, of splinters, of gum disease, of nothing strange now, of mountain lion kisses, of papa bear, of shitty finger, of crack hair, of clean sweat, of whiskey and raisins, of old coppers, of wet holy soles, of Scottish sunrise, of rough tumble love, of sleep thrashabout, of alcohol sweetening, of umami kale, of durum, of ink, of puzzle paper, of sheet rivers, of dirty sunshine, of plaid of colours of marvel, of soggy elastic, of morning tongue, of forgetful teeth, of adenoid, of spit and slam, of city eviction, of field grassy lullabies, of berries and smoke, of six men in a kitchen, of a hundred and ten covers, of wall moss, of lost pavement, of gyratory flyover, of white concrete, of brown blood, of womb lining, of splatter, of congealed, of warm, of oil, of puddles, of tree trunks, of fuck, of suck, of potato dust, of promise me, of strap, of snap, of pomelo wax, of ironic daisies, of colourless jelly, of garlic pussy, of rhubarb cock, of spread-eagle larynx, of not yet, of one more, of undrunk tea, of slanted toast, of curly child, of sly cheek, of tickle hands, of spider scratch, of cheese stretch, of sweet, of die for, of wood, of would, of lark’s head, of jute, of wrap, of span, of spoon, of oceany iris wet storm of my hunger, of this, of rock and paper, of one more, for you, for you, I would