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Here’s a great big photo of me looking wistful and poetic, by Luke Das. There’s also this one and this one.

Here’s one of me ‘in action’ at London Bridge station, by Chris Bevan Lee.

Here are some nice things people have said about me:

“Amy Acre writes with undeleted internet history, spilt whiskey on the tabletop and lipstick on collars. The doubts you have about everyone you kiss: they’re an Amy Acre poem.” Tim Wells

“Amy Acre is one of the best new poets around – her poems are full of grit and love, looking at the world from fresh new angles. A vital presence on the poetry scene.” John Osborne

“A sexy, soul-enriching little wordsmith, who cuts to the quick of your heart in full sight and rifles around in your guts while you’re not looking.” Katie Bonna

“Amy Acre strings words together so adeptly that even when she is being uncouth you can’t help but notice her poetical grace. Ms Acre delivers lines that enable your most vital organs to better understand what life has put them through.” Anna Le

“Pure charisma.” QX Magazine

“While Amy Acre was performing, a bottle of champagne spontaneously erupted. I’m not even exaggerating, that happened.” Sabotage Reviews


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