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If you’d like to book me for a gig, chat about a project or have a long-winded discussion about ramen, drop me at email at

If you’d like to hear about gigs I’m doing or when my book’s out, add me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.



Here’s a great big photo of me looking wistful and poetic, by Luke Das. There’s also this one and this one.

Here’s one of me ‘in action’ at London Bridge station, by Chris Bevan Lee.

Here are some nice things people have said about me:

“Amy Acre writes with undeleted internet history, spilt whiskey on the tabletop and lipstick on collars. The doubts you have about everyone you kiss: they’re an Amy Acre poem.” Tim Wells

“Amy Acre is one of the best new poets around – her poems are full of grit and love, looking at the world from fresh new angles. A vital presence on the poetry scene.” John Osborne

“A sexy, soul-enriching little wordsmith, who cuts to the quick of your heart in full sight and rifles around in your guts while you’re not looking.” Katie Bonna

“Amy Acre strings words together so adeptly that even when she is being uncouth you can’t help but notice her poetical grace. Ms Acre delivers lines that enable your most vital organs to better understand what life has put them through.” Anna Le

“Pure charisma.” QX Magazine

“While Amy Acre was performing, a bottle of champagne spontaneously erupted. I’m not even exaggerating, that happened.” Sabotage Reviews


Email me for a recent biog.


1 thought on “Contact / Press info

  1. Alex Lewis

    Hi Amy.I pressed the wrong button and the original message I was writing vanished.
    I was making a slight apology for leaving a bit of a silly message in the comments box below
    your poem which begins “Are you happy…?”.I met you briefly at the back of the poetry tent at
    the Latitude Festival exactly three years ago after one of your gigs.Amazing poet.
    Anyway,after leaving the inane comment today I went out for a few hours and
    later came to slightly worry that you might think that I am a/the (dreaded) stalker.
    So just to try and nip that one in the bud.I will leave my contact details in the hope that
    this might allay any worries you might have.I have no expectations that you will feel the
    need to contact me or not but this is a chance for me to put my own awkwardness to rest.
    I had a childhood connection with Ted Hughes weirdly enough as my English teacher
    was a personal friend of Hughes and the teacher was convinced I was a gay genius
    (I am straight actually but anyway..).When I was thirteen I recorded Hughes` “crow book” to music
    which seemed to greatly fire up the enthusiasm of my teacher and he went and told Ted
    about it.The great man was actually interested in hearing my rendition but the whole surreal
    escapade all seemed a bit too real and as I have always been a lurid
    creature of the imagination I quickly forgot all about it and moved on to Telly Savalas and Cooper Clarke.
    This is not fiction but I would understand if you thought it was made up.
    Anyway enough about me.There is not a single person to whom I have shown your
    performances who hasn`t been dumbfounded with awe nay reverence for
    your honesty empathy pacing originality daring……etc etc etc…please trust me on this.
    Your set at Latitude was a highlight especially “I love the way you R/are” with the
    insane music which broke in at roughly 33.3333333% the way through if I remember
    correctly.If you do reply go easy on me please.I am a hermit who lives in the Welsh wilderness
    and am very sensitive to belligerence of any kind.
    I am also a true anxiety manic (I know you can handle me saying this) and have started to
    put out my art films on youtube as a way of passing the time.
    If you are interested check out “souls snd spirits as they glide through time”.
    I would be interested in the griot`s constructive comments.
    Great to meet you again in the space of words.Yours respectfully.
    DM Alex Lewis 07525 488 498


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