Amy Acre is a poet, performer and freelance writer from London. Her poem, ‘every girl knows’ won the 2019 Verve Poetry Prize. She is the author of two pamphlets: And They Are Covered in Gold Light (forthcoming from Bad Betty) and Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads (flipped eye, 2015) – which was chosen as a Poetry Book Society Pamphlet Choice and a Poetry School Book of the Year.

Amy runs Bad Betty Press with Jake Wild Hall. She co-edited mental health anthology, The Dizziness of Freedom (Bad Betty, 2018) and the Anti-Hate Anthology (Spoken Word London, 2019). Her work has appeared in Poetry London, Poetry Review, Magma, 3:AM Magazine, POEM International: Women on Brexit and on BBC Radio London. She has performed at Latitude, Secret Garden Party, the Edinburgh Fringe, Ronnie Scott’s, the Roundhouse, Southbank, the Houses of Parliament and in hundreds of pubs, bars and fields across the UK.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. eddie

    H Amy, You may not remember me I’m Eddie Knight with glasses, film maker, tv cameraman and possessor of a huge black cat, if indeed that jogs the memory. I got there at the event in hastings a bit late so missed everything but just Want to say great to meet you and wow I love the book ‘Where were going don’t need roads’ I would suggest a follow up of ‘where I’ve been there were no roads’. Leading on to I cant remember a lot after meeting you except there was a party that I never found but have a great story about that night looking for the party. Anyway just to say I really like your writing its just so refreshing and I have the booklet/ pamphlet hanging around the house to pick up every now and then.. So well done really I just get something from it, inspiration and an exhilaration with the amazing power of words. As a filmmaker a while back I made films to poetry from a few poets one for a competition and another monologue that I wrote and filmed as an installation that won an award from Adobe called the the moving image award. There out there in the ether that is youtube. ones called ‘sushi and the other is Romantic Villanel. I was still in london the time but filmed them in hastings Anyway just to say hello again and be great to keep in touch. x

    1. Amy Post author

      Hi Eddie. Sorry for the ridiculously late reply – I’m not very good at managing WordPress! It was really good to meet you in Hastings. I love the idea of a story about looking for a party and never getting there – a bit like a contemporary Godot sort of thing. Thanks for the kind words about the book. I’ll check out your videos and hope we meet again at some point. Are you out in London much? If so maybe see you at a gig 🙂

  2. Aneta

    Hi there Amy.
    I’m the regular host at Poetry Jam Richmond.
    Saw you are appearing at SGP.
    What day, time and stage/tent are you performing at?
    Would love to listen,love and support😎.
    Joy be in your week.

    1. Amy Post author

      Hi Aneta. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner! Maybe you know already, but I hosted Poetry Jam for a while with Anna Le, back in 2011/12. Great to hear you’re doing it now – I must come and check it out again – it’s been too long! Not sure if you caught the poetry at SGP, but it was very rainy! Thanks for reaching out. x

  3. Paul

    Just saw you on Sky News. Got your pamphlet of poems of Amazon (Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads). Atre there any more books already? or coming soon?

    1. Amy Post author

      Hi Paul. Thanks for buying the book! 🙂 I’m currently trying to sell a novel, so will let you know when that’s out in the world, although it will probably be quite a while as these things take ages. I’ve also got a few poems coming out in 3am Magazine soon, so I’ll send you a link when they’re live.


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