And They Are Covered in Gold Light

Bad Betty, July 2019


Poetry Book Society Winter Pamphlet Choice

‘Amy Acre is among the best poets of this generation to cross over from London’s spoken word scene. And They Are Covered In Gold Light is pure lyrical exuberance!’ Raymond Antrobus

‘Visceral, formally inventive and raw, these poems play new and vivid tricks on language. Acre’s voice is richly layered, fresh and unexpected; And They Are Covered In Gold Light fizzes with energy, physicality and the levitating openness of song.’ Rebecca Tamás

‘Reading this collection is like being hit between the eyes. Not by a stone, but by some kind of massive, multi-facetted zirconia. The language has a strange precision and intensity that’s utterly compelling. Not a word is wasted, and yet each stanza still feels dense with invention, shimmering and shifting with half-hidden valences. Although these poems draw from the mundane world, they’re forged in a true alchemist’s imagination; they come to us – and at us – dazzling.’ Fran Lock


FrontCoverWhere We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads

flipped eye, March 2015

Poetry Book Society Autumn 2015 Pamphlet Choice

Poetry School’s Best Books of 2015

“Full of grit and love, looking at the world from fresh new angles.” – John Osborne

“Amy Acre writes with undeleted internet history, split whiskey on the tabletop and lipstick on collars.” – Tim Wells



The Dizziness of Freedom

Edited with Jake Wild Hall

Bad Betty, September 2018, supported by Arts Council England

Saboteur Awards’ Best Anthology shortlist

London’s BIG READ shortlist

50 of contemporary poetry’s most exciting voices speak out about mental health.



Anti-Hate Anthology

Edited with Patrick Cash, Hannah Gordon, Dean Atta and Tim Wells

Spoken Word London, February 2019

Supported by Arts Council England

Endorsed by Amnesty International

58 poems arranged in 12 sections, each dealing with a different element of societal discrimination; race, queer, womxn, mental health, masculinity, addiction, trans, ability, immigration, faith, age and class.










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